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FRA Legal Access Plan, LLC. is always looking to add new and qualified attornies to our team. Please fill out the form below or book a phone call to be considered for this opportunity.

Come Work With Us

Attorney Benefits

  • ​Potential to access 18,000+ Clients

  • No Cost

  • Connect Directly with Clients

  • Increase Online Visibility

To view the full benefits guide, please fill out this form with your information and you will be taken to an additional page.

What We Look For

  • Be a general practice attorney with at least 2 years of experience in the law

  • Have no bar or disciplinary complaints

  • Be part of a fully staffed general practice law firm


Attorney enrollment application as a Plan Provider will provide us with the information we need to select attorneys to offer enrollment events to bring in new LAP members...
Attorney Service
1 hr
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